Scuba Diving magazines

  • California Diver Magazine

    Contains features on dive training , underwater photography and video, wreck diving, technical diving, and equipment.

  • Deeper Blue

    Provides content on freediving, ocean advocacy, scuba diving, spearfishing, and diving travel.

  • Dive

    An independent, internationally published magazine that contains underwater images and in depth-articles about diving.

  • Diver

    Monthly publication that covers a wide spectrum of activities connected with scuba diving, aquatic life, and the underwater industry.

  • Scitechdaily

    Daily news journal of life in and around water.

  • Scuba Diving Magazine

    Provides information to enthusiast divers on travel, gear, training, the dive experience, and more.

  • Skin Diver

    U.S. magazine for scuba-diving enthusiasts published continuously since the 1950s.

  • Sport Diver

    Magazine of the PADI Diving Society. Offers news, gear profiles, different activity and destination overviews.

  • Underwater 360

    International magazine about diving in the Asia-Pacific Region featuring travel destinations, holiday ideas and dive news.

  • X-Ray Magazine

    Find news, features and articles covering a wide variety of diving-related issues. Pdf formatted.