History magazines

  • Aeroplane

    Provides news about commercial aviation, military aviation, historic aviation and flight simulation. Also features global events guide, blog and regular quiz content.

  • American Heritage

    Quality magazine covering America's past and present, with topics ranging from famous personalities, to popular music, business, politics, art, war, and culture.

  • American Heritage

    Quarterly magazine dedicated to the history of technology.

  • Archaeology

    History magazine providing news of the latest archaeological discoveries, in-depth features, photo essays, and reports from the field.

  • Armchair General

    Interactive history magazine that invites readers to decide the course of action in challenging historical scenarios.

  • Canada's History

    Provides stories on Canada's history, politics, museums, education and literature.

  • Current Archaeology

    Offers current news on digs, ancient history and archaeological sites. Covers archaeology of all periods – from prehistory and ancient human origins, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Britain, and the Middle Ages right through to modern times

  • History News Network

    Weekly publication that features op eds by prominent historians as well as user submitted articles.

  • Military History Monthly

    Provides articles featuring recaps of historical battles, maps and bios of military leaders.

  • Minerva

    Presents a blend of stories, covering ancient history, art, archaeology, and mythology.

  • Naval History

    Bi-monthly magazine covering naval history, from ancient times to modern times. Also features a blog to facilitate discussions and allow readers to voice their opinions.

  • Sea History

    A quarterly magazine devoted to covering key events and people in maritime history.

  • True West Magazine

    Since 1953, the magazine has been covering topics related to the history of the American frontier in the 18th to early 20th centuries.