Spain newspapers and news sites

  • EFE

    News agency.

  • Euro Weekly

    Daily online resource that provides news and analytical reports on the topics of economics and technology.

  • Majorca Daily Bulletin

    Covers sports, politics and lifestyle news.

  • Spanish News

    News portal dedicated to current news related to Spain in English

  • Spanish News Today

    Spanish digital newspaper offering news, what's on, where to go, culture, tourism and legal advice in spain.

  • Sport

    Sports newspaper.

  • The Corner

    Financial and economic website whose target audience is international readers.

  • The Local es

    Spanish website of the pan-European news network that covers national news in multiple countries.

  • The Post

    Free weekly english language newspaper that provides regional and local news stories.

  • Typically Spanish

    Online news portal that covers local as well as national news.

Local Newspapers