North Macedonian Newspapers and News Sites

  • Macedonia

    This is a curated list of free and independent Macedonian online news publications. These websites do not require registration and/or a subscription to access their content, and they will always remain free to the public. Our aim with this list is to provide you with a comprehensive directory of Macedonia-based news services that will appeal to you for their style, format, and scope of their coverage. Also included in each entry is a link to the source website and a short description of their content.

  • Balkan Insight | North Macedonia

    Latest North Macedonian news by online Balkan magazine.

  • DiViDi

    Daily Macedonian newspaper that covers a wide range of topics.

  • Media Information Agency (MIA)

    State owned news agency.


    Independent Macedonian news agency.

  • Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty - North Macedonia

    RFE/RL's latest news, features, commentary, and multimedia content on Macedonia.

  • Republika English

    Broadsheet weekly newspaper that provides news on the topics of economics, culture as well as entertainment and lifestyle.

  • Skopje Diem

    Online daily news portal that covers a wide range of topics.