Ireland newspapers and news sites

  • anphoblacht

    National broadsheet newspaper.

  • Business World

    Dublin based weekly.


    Daily broadsheet news site that provides news on the topics of business and sports.

  • Inside Ireland

    Small independent daily online news magazine.

  • Irish Central

    Irish news and more for people of Irish descent living around the world. Also home of Irish America magazine and the Irish Voice newspaper.

  • Irish Echo

    American-Irish weekly published in New York.

  • Irish Examiner

    Daily newspaper that covers topics such as business, sports, technology, and weather.

  • Irish Post

    Weekly newspaper for the Irish in Britain.

  • Irish Times

    Quality national daily.

  • Irish World

    London-based community newspaper covering news, politics, business, arts, and sport for the expatriate Irish.

  • Rebel

    News site of Irish revolutionary socialist party.

  • RTE

    Online news portal that covers a wide range of topics.

Local Newspapers