Hungarian Newspapers and News Sites

  • Hungary

  • About Hungary

    Published by Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister.

  • Best of Budapest

    Information about dining, accommodation, travel, culture and events in Budapest.

  • Budapest Business Journal

    Hungarian English-language biweekly magazine provides business and financial news about Hungary.

  • Budapest Style Magazine

    Online guide to Budapest.

  • Daily News Hungary

    News about Hungary and Hungarians in English: politics, business, society, culture and sport news.

  • Hungarian Free Press

    A non-partisan online newspaper provides Hungarian political news, also offering informed opinion on current events in East/Central Europe.

  • Hungary Around the Clock

    A broadsheet newspaper that covers domestic politics and foreign relations, as well as business and economic matters.

  • Hungary Today

    The latest news about Hungary.


    Hungarian news portal covering both Hungarian and international news.

  • Portfolio

    Online financial journal providing information about the economy, business, taxes, property , energy, EU funds and companies.

  • The Budapest Beacon

    Online newspaper that reported on current events in Hungary.

  • The Budapest Times

    Independent Hungarian newspaper in English that publishes up-to-date essays on Hungarian politics, business, economy, news and culture.


    Hungarian portal for the expat community, featuring news, events, movies, classifieds, interviews, special offers and more.