Hungarian Newspapers and News Sites

  • Hungary

    The Hungarian media is active in covering events related to Hungarian society and politics. To make it easier for foreign readers to navigate the plethora of information available, we have prepared a list of the highest quality newspapers and news sites in Hungary. Each entry describes what they do well, and is laid out in alphabetical order for easy navigation.

  • About Hungary

    Published by Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister.

  • Best of Budapest

    Information about dining, accommodation, travel, culture and events in Budapest.

  • Budapest Business Journal

    Hungarian English-language biweekly magazine provides business and financial news about Hungary.

  • Budapest Style Magazine

    Online guide to Budapest.

  • Daily News Hungary

    News about Hungary and Hungarians in English: politics, business, society, culture and sport news.

  • Hungarian Free Press

    A non-partisan online newspaper provides Hungarian political news, also offering informed opinion on current events in East/Central Europe.

  • Hungary Around the Clock

    A broadsheet newspaper that covers domestic politics and foreign relations, as well as business and economic matters.

  • Hungary Today

    The latest news about Hungary.


    Hungarian news portal covering both Hungarian and international news.

  • Portfolio

    Online financial journal providing information about the economy, business, taxes, property , energy, EU funds and companies.

  • The Budapest Beacon

    Online newspaper that reported on current events in Hungary.

  • The Budapest Times

    Independent Hungarian newspaper in English that publishes up-to-date essays on Hungarian politics, business, economy, news and culture.


    Hungarian portal for the expat community, featuring news, events, movies, classifieds, interviews, special offers and more.