North Korea Newspapers and News Sites

  • North Korea

  • BBC News - North Korea Profile

    Online media portal that provides news, analysis, interviews about Kurdistan.

  • Chosun Journal

    One of the oldest and largest Korean daily newspapers that has sections covering North Korean news.

  • Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights:

    NGO Devoted fully to the advancement of human rights in North Korea that provides news in=depth research relating to the humanitarian situation in North Korea.

  • Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)

    Includes summit photos, current and archived news items, and more from the state-run agency.

  • NK News

    Independent, privately owned specialist information source that provides news, opinions and analysis relating to developments in North Korean government, media, academia, military, business areas.

  • Rodong

    Provides news, opinions and publications relating to North Korea.

  • The Guardian - North Korea

    North Korean section of the authoritative UK newspaper: The Guardian.