New Zealand Newspapers and News Sites

  • New Zealand

    This is an editorial list of Zealander news websites. The websites listed here cover local, national and international news from a New Zealand perspective. We have selected these news sites because they are known to deliver clear, and comprehensive information. All sites listed here actively publish articles and news stories.

  • Aardvark

    Online newspaper providing science and technology news and commentary.

  • E-Tangata

    Independent weekly Sunday magazine serving the Maori community.

  • Farmers Weekly

    National weekly newspaper that provides agricultural news and information.

  • Gisborne Herald

    Local newspaper.

  • National Business Review

    Quality business newspaper with online coverage of local and international business news, arts, media, and technology.

  • New Zealand Business

    Monthly business magazine.

  • New Zealand Catholic

    Fortnightly newspaper serving the New Zealand catholic community.

  • New Zealand Edge

    Fortnightly magazine and online news portal that provides news on a wide range of topics.

  • New Zealand Herald

    Leading national daily newspaper.

  • New Zealand News

    Covers news of the area, including stories from around the region and beyond. Additionally it provides international headlines, business and finance stories, and foreign exchange rates.

  • Newsie

    Focuses on news for New Zealand, with national, regional and international articles of interest to New Zealanders.

  • Newsroom

    Independent, New Zealand-based news and current affairs site.

  • Noted

    Covers news on the topics of current affairs, culture and lifestyle, and more.

  • NZCity

    Portal offering constantly updated news from all major New Zealand news sources.

  • Radio New Zealand

    Independent national broadcaster. Online features include up to date news, sport stories, weather reports.

  • Radio New Zealand International

    Shortwave broadcaster to the South Pacific. Website features Pacific news headlines.

  • Scoop

    NZ's largest online news resource providing aggregated news from national and international sources while also producing its own in-depth editorial content.

Local Newspapers

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