Canadian Newspapers and News Sites


  • Canada

    This is a list of English-language online newspapers and news sites published in Canada. There are national and regional daily newspapers, often with a local focus. Choose a region of the country to focus on, or select any major national titles to read the latest happenings throughout Canada.

  • Aol.

    Media platform that provides a feed of news stories ranging from latest headlines to entertainment news.

  • Broadview

    The oldest continuously published magazine in North America that remains committed to highlighting stories about spirituality, ethical living, and social justice from a progressive Christian perspective.

  • Canada standard

    National news outlet.


    Broadsheet newspaper that covers topics such as health, travel, business, the arts.

  • Canada's national observer

    Publishes investigative reporting, in-depth analysis, solutions journalism, multi-media features, opinion and daily news coverage.

  • Canadian business

    Covers latest developments in Canadian and global economics, marketing, managing, investing, government policy, innovation and retailing to help its audience develop a deeper understanding of the business world around them

  • Canadian dimension

    A news source that covers national and regional politics, the labour market, the economy, world affairs as well as the arts.

  • Christian week

    Weekly religious newspaper.

  • Financial post

    Daily investing, market, personal finance newspaper.

  • First nation drums

    Publication that provides news and information relevant to native communities and lifestyles.

  • Globe news wire

    One of the world's largest newswire distribution networks, specializing in the delivery of corporate press releases financial disclosures and multimedia content to the media, investment community, individual investors and the general public.

  • HELLO!

    International tabloid newspaper that focuses on the lives of royal families.

  • Huffpost

    Online news and media platform that covers a wide range of topics, ranging from politics and business to lifestyle and entertainment.

  • Ipolitics

    Provides news primarily on the topics of politics and policy.

  • Maclean's

    A curret affairs magazine boasting a readership of 2.4 million that covers topics such as international affairs, social issues, national politics, business and culture.

  • Money sense

    Online newsource that invite outside contributions and is mainly focused around issues related to household spending, saving and retirement planning.

  • Montreal Gazette

    Daily newspaper.

  • Morning star

    Covers financial market news.

  • msn

    Online news and media website.

  • National newswatch

    Daily online news outlet.

  • National post

    National tabloid newspaper that covers sport, culture, life.

  • News watch Canada

    Website that aggregates news from different sources. Provides headlines and links to news articles.

  • Open Canada

    Digital publication that can be placed at the intersection of public policy, scholarship and journalism.

  • politics watch

    Pioneer and global leader in internet news and information services. The site is recognized as one of the best and most influential online political news sites in Canada


    Online blog that covers local news.

  • Reuters canada

    Canada page of one of the largest news and financial information providing agencies in the world.

  • The anglican journal

    Authoritative faith-based publication.

  • The canadian business daily

    A not-for profit newspaper that covers a range of topics.

  • The canadian business journal

    Print weekly magazine that covers business news across all sectors of the economy.

  • The canadian jewish news

    Canada's largest, weekly Jewish community newspaper.

  • The canadian press

    Breaking news source that covers regional, national and international stories in politics, sports, business, entertainment and lifestyle.

  • The globe news

    Long standing national newspaper that covers current affairs.

  • The hill times

    Weekly broadsheet newspaper.

  • The loop

    Covers entertainment and lifestyle news.

  • The northern miner

    Provides news and information regarding the mining and exploration industry.

  • The post Millenial

    Covers news in the areas of politics, culture, business and finance.

  • The Star

    Covers news on local as well as international level.

  • The walrus

    Registered charity and a community-based non-profit organization that, among other things, publishes independent, fact-based articles.

  • Toronto Sun

    Tabloid newspaper.

  • Troy media

    Covers arts, entertainment, education, and environment news.

  • Vancouver Sun

    Daily newspaper.

  • Yahoo news

    Media platform wherein news headlines from different sources are provided in a news feed.