Belize Newspapers and News Sites

  • Belize

    Using the list below, you can stay up-to-date with all major national and local newspapers in Belize. Whether you're into politics or sports, these news sites have plenty of information to keep you informed. All that's left to do is choose a website of interest and start browsing news.

  • 7 News Belize

    Transcript of a daily television news program.

  • Amandala

    The largest independent Belize newspaper.

  • Ambergris Today

    Provides news on Ambergris Caye.

  • Breaking Belize News

    The Latest News on Belize, Central America & The Caribbean.

  • Channel 5 News

    Daily updated Belize news from national TV.

  • Guardian

    Official party organ of the opposition United Democratic Party of Belize.

  • The Belize Times

    Digital issues of the weekly Belize city newspaper.

  • The San Pedro Sun

    Online website for the daily San Pedro newspaper.

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