Syria Newspapers and News Sites

  • Syria

  • Al Sham Info

    Online portal that provides national as well as international news and analysis on the topics of business, financial, economic, government and technology.

  • BBC News: Syria

    Features country overview, key facts and events, timelines, leader profiles and news.

  • Enab Baladi

    Syrian nonprofit media organization.

  • Orient Net

    Independent Electronic newspaper. Based in Dubai.

  • Qasion News Agency

    Local and international news daily.

  • SANA (Syrian Arab News Agency)

    Pro-government news agency.

  • Syria Direct

    News on military developments and country's shifting politics, province by province, placing a particular focus on the individuals driving events on the ground.

  • Syria Report

    Paris-based independent newspaper providing economic, business and financial information on Syria.

  • Syria Times, The

    Official daily e-newspaper affiliated to the Ministry of Information of Syria.

  • Syrian Network for Human Rights

    Aims to document the ongoing human rights violations in Syria by periodically issuing reports, studies and researches.

  • Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, The

    Documenting human rights situation in Syria. Not associated or linked to any political body.

  • Syrian Observer, The

    Covering Syrian political and civil society news. It is dedicated primarily to translating into English news content produced by Syria's official press, opposition groups, activists and civil society.

  • Zaman Al Wasl

    An independent electronic newspaper.