Cyprus Newspapers and News Sites

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    This is a list of the top online news outlets in Cyprus. These sites offer a wealth of information and provide insightful commentary and analysis on current affairs, politics, economics, entertainment, technology, and more.

  • BBC Country Profile: Cyprus

    Features country overview, news, key facts and events, timelines, and leader profiles.

  • BRT 55

    Online website of the broadcasting channel that features news articles.

  • Cyprus Mail

    The only English-language daily newspaper published in Cyprus, and is in circulation since 1945.

  • Cyprus News Agency

    Official news service.

  • Famagusta Gazette

    Daily Cyprus newspaper.

  • Financial Mirror

    Business and financial daily.

  • Lemon Grove News

    Largest supplier of online news in North Cyprus.

  • News in Cyprus

    Website that aggregates articles from other online national news sources.

  • Northern Cyprus News

    Latest news for North Cyprus in the areas of sport, business, travel, life, covered on a daily basis.

  • Stockwatch

    Real-time coverage of the most important financial news and events.

  • The Cypress Observer

    Covers latest news, updates and current events from across the region with a major focus on politics and business.