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Cyprus Newspapers and News Sites
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This is a list of the top online news outlets in Cyprus. These sites offer a wealth of information and provide insightful commentary and analysis on current affairs, politics, economics, entertainment, technology, and more.

BBC Country Profile: Cyprus

Features country overview, news, key facts and events, timelines, and leader profiles.

BRT 55

Online website of the broadcasting channel that features news articles.

Cyprus Mail

The only English-language daily newspaper published in Cyprus, and is in circulation since 1945.

Cyprus News Agency

Official news service.

Famagusta Gazette

Daily Cyprus newspaper.

Financial Mirror

Business and financial daily.

Lemon Grove News

Largest supplier of online news in North Cyprus.

News in Cyprus

Website that aggregates articles from other online national news sources.

Northern Cyprus News

Latest news for North Cyprus in the areas of sport, business, travel, life, covered on a daily basis.


Real-time coverage of the most important financial news and events.

The Cypress Observer

Covers latest news, updates and current events from across the region with a major focus on politics and business.