Chinese Newspapers and News Sites


  • China

  • AsiaXPAT

    Online resource for expatriates moving to or working in China's major cities, providing property listings, hotels, classifieds, relocation and orientation information.

  • Beijing Review

    National news magazine. Reports on the country's social, political, economic and cultural affairs.

  • CCTV International

    English-language 24-hour news channel of China Central Television. Site offers daily news, photo gallery and special reports.

  • China

    Website that provides up-to-date news about China, electronic archive of publications by the government and general information about Chinese history, politics, economics and culture.

  • China Daily

    Leading English-language Chinese newspaper.

  • China Digital Times

    News weblog covering China's social and political transition and its emerging role in the global community. It aims to serve as a news aggregator and an interactive community about China.

  • China Economic News

    China’s first bilingual economic news weekly. CEN produces separate Chinese and English language editions of its newspapers, magazines, websites, mobile media, and video information.

  • China Internet Information Center

    Offers up-to-date news about China, with searchable texts of government position newspapers and basic information about Chinese history, politics, economics and culture.

  • China News

    Covers news of the area, including stories from around the region and beyond; provides international headlines, business and finance stories, and foreign exchange rates.

  • China Now

    Independent magazine reporting on economic, social, and cultural developments in China.

  • China Today

    Monthly magazine covering all aspects of society and culture in contemporary China, including business, education, history, sports, and cuisine.


    Shanghai-based China news portal. Part of Shanghai Daily newspaper.

  • Epoch Times ,The

    New York based news portal providing news from China and all around the world.

  • Global Times

    Authoritative and trustworthy English language newspaper.

  • People's Daily

    Communist party newspaper offering selective news and comment on national and international relations.

  • PLA Daily

    Military newspaper of Chinese People's Liberation Army.

  • Quishi

    State magazine that covers political, economic, cultural and social issues, while providing analysis of world politics and China's foreign relations.

  • Shanghai Daily

    Leading newspaper in the Shanghai region.

  • Shenzhen Daily

    Newspaper covering regional (Shenzhen Special Economic Zone) and international news.

  • South China Morning Post

    Hong Kong's premier English-language daily newspaper.

  • Vision Times

    Largely volunteer run online news website where news about China are covered.

  • Xinhua News Agency

    State news service. Major China news provider.

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