Seychelles Newspapers and News Sites

  • Seychelles

    Here are the top 10 news media websites covering Seychelles. Learn more about islander life by reading the Wikipedia page dedicated to the archipelago, or follow the goings-on there through the Seychelles news sites and newspapers that make up the remainder of the list.

  • afrol News - Seychelles

    News, features and links from independent African news agency.

  • Seychelles

    The latest Seychelles news from African and international sources.

  • BBC News - Seychelles

    Presents country overview, key facts and events, timelines and leader profiles along with current news.

  • ReliefWeb - Seychelles

    Provides news and information (documents and maps) mainly related to humanitarian emergencies and disasters.

  • Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC)

    State radio and television broadcaster. Sites features regular news briefs.

  • Seychelles Connect

    Focusing on providing information about tourism services, but also providing general news from Seychelles.

  • Seychelles Islands

    Official travel website for the Seychelles islands. Offers information about accommodation, diving, sailing, fishing, sight-seeing and Seychelles events.

  • Seychelles Nation

    Government-affiliated leading English language Seychelles newspaper.

  • Seychelles News Agency

    Government news outlet.

  • The New Humanitarian - Seychelles

    Regular news on relief, social, economic and political affairs in Seychelles.

  • Wikipedia - Seychelles

    Covers Seychelles history, government and politics, geography, economy, demographics, language and culture.