Rwanda Newspapers and News Sites

  • Rwanda

    The following is a list of English-language Rwandan online newspapers and news websites. The description of each website includes a link to the site. The list is handpicked based on our experience, and general reputation about the different names. We only include a link to a website if it publishes articles either in English or contains an English section.

  • Rwanda - Top News

    Offers the latest news on Rwanda from African and international sources.

  • Embassy of Rwanda, Washington, D.C.

    Provides news, country information, calendar of events, visa regulations.

  • Igihe

    Online multimedia company that covers news on a wide range of topics.

  • International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda (ITCR)

    Site contains press releases, news updates and legal documents relating to the proceedings.

  • Jambo News

    Provides news and analysis on a wide range of topics several times a week.

  • KT press

    Portal that provides news and analysis mainly on business, economic, technology, and financial topics, but also covers entertainment and sports news.

  • New Times, The

    Independent weekly newspapers, focusing on political and social issues.

  • News of Rwanda

    Covering political scene of Rwanda. Material comes from a team of free lancers and news agencies.

  • News of Rwanda

    Covers current affairs and political news.

  • The New Times

    Covers local, regional and global news, business, and the events that shape our society and Africa.

  • The Rwandan

    Provides latest news and analysis on the topics of politics, economy, security, judiciary, history and more.

  • Umuryango

    Provides political, lifestyle, sports and entertainment news.

  • Umuseke

    Provides entertainment, health, political, sports, international news and more.