Morocco Newspapers and News Sites

  • Morocco

    The following is a listing of Moroccan news sites with English-language content. For the vast majority, we also provide a quick summary of coverage and focus for each site. To explore and draw your conclusions about each, click on the title and you'll be taken straight to the website in question.

  • Morocco

    Regular news on Morocco from African and international media.

  • BBC News - Morocco

    Presents country overview, key facts and events, timelines and leader profiles along with current news.

  • MAP - Maghreb Arabe Presse

    State news agency.

  • Maroc Press

    Political, economy, sport, art and culture news from Morocco.


    Official introduction to Morocco. Provides news, information on the government, society and culture, investment conditions.

  • Moroccan Times

    Aiming to report Moroccan and international news in an intellectual manner.

  • Morocco Gazette

    Business and other news from CNP Hub Corporation (based in UAE).

  • Morocco Gazette

    Provides news on a wide range of topics.

  • Morocco Guide

    Morocco travel guide.

  • Morocco Media

    News portal for national and international readers, presented from a Moroccan perspective.

  • Morocco World News

    Online-based media outlet bringing the news of Morocco and the Maghreb region.

  • North Africa Journal

    Weekly analysis on the Moroccan economy, business and politics. Based in Boston, USA.

  • Tingis

    Moroccan-American online magazine highlighting the cultural concerns, ideas, and issues of Moroccans and friends of Morocco.