Libyan Newspapers and News Sites

  • Libya

  • - Libya

    Regular news reports on Libya from African sources.

  • Libya Business Info

    Business news from CNP Hub Corporation (based in UAE).

  • Libya Business News

    Business News resources for Libya.

  • Libya Herald

    Daily Lybian and regional news.

  • Libya Monitor

    Source of economic, business and financial information.

  • Libyan Cloud News Agency

    Independent agency reporting about the humanitarian situation and living conditions in Libya, but also about sports, culture, and arts, politics, economy and the Libyan society.

  • Libyan Express

    Covering breaking news, politics, business, culture, sports and more in and around Libya.

  • Libyan News Agency (LANA)

    State-run news agency.

  • Lybia Observer

    Online source bringing news from different news sources.

  • Lybia Prospect

    Provides news and reports on political, social and economic issues.

  • Marsad

    Libyan security sector observatory security news. Managed by The Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF).

  • New Libya

    A news and analytical site that provides current news and political, economic, cultural and social reports about Libya.

  • Tripoli Post, The

    Newspaper focuses on information with regard to Libya's politics, business, culture, sports, history and social issues.