Libyan Newspapers and News Sites

  • Libya

    This free, comprehensive news coverage index has been created to provide access to the very best free Libya-based traditional news websites. Each site has been handpicked with care to ensure the most reputable coverage of current events. Please note that all these sites are free to access and do not require any membership or registration.

  • - Libya

    Regular news reports on Libya from African sources.

  • Libya Business Info

    Business news from CNP Hub Corporation (based in UAE).

  • Libya Business News

    Business News resources for Libya.

  • Libya Herald

    Daily Lybian and regional news.

  • Libya Monitor

    Source of economic, business and financial information.

  • Libyan Cloud News Agency

    Independent agency reporting about the humanitarian situation and living conditions in Libya, but also about sports, culture, and arts, politics, economy and the Libyan society.

  • Libyan Express

    Covering breaking news, politics, business, culture, sports and more in and around Libya.

  • Libyan News Agency (LANA)

    State-run news agency.

  • Lybia Observer

    Online source bringing news from different news sources.

  • Lybia Prospect

    Provides news and reports on political, social and economic issues.

  • Marsad

    Libyan security sector observatory security news. Managed by The Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF).

  • New Libya

    A news and analytical site that provides current news and political, economic, cultural and social reports about Libya.

  • Tripoli Post, The

    Newspaper focuses on information with regard to Libya's politics, business, culture, sports, history and social issues.