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Magazine presenting a female perspective on pop culture. Articles about sex, dating, shopping, writing, blogging, fashion, feminism, etc.

Canada's favourite women magazine covering health, beauty, entertainment, home, food and current affairs.

Popular young women's magazine featuring style news, designer catwalk shows, shopping information, advice, horoscopes, quizzes, and more.

Fashion, lifestyle and entertainment magazine for African-American women.

Good Housekeeping
Features human interest stories and social issues, money management and travel, as well as food, fitness, beauty, and child care.

Lifestyle magazine for a new generation of confident 18-34-year-old women.

Latina Style
National magazine for contemporary working Hispanic women.

Marie Claire
Magazine for the fashion-conscious modern woman interested in style, beauty, entertaining, relationships, careers, and health.

Celebrates women over 40, with articles on style, health, work, spirituality and relationships.

Ms. Magazine
Feminist magazine dealing with a wide range of issues.

Real Simple
Magazine about simplifying women's home life, from preparing a fast, healthy breakfast to getting a good night's sleep.

Presents articles and short stories exploring social issues, parenting, sex, marriage, money, health and psychology.

Magazine for active, educated women interested in health, nutrition, money management, culture, fashion, psychology, sex, fitness and the environment.

Women's health and fitness magazine. Articles on diet, exercise, psychology, fashion and beauty.

Women's resource for opinion, health and wealth, poetry, fashion, fun and irreverence.

Today's Christian Woman
Provides practical, biblical perspectives on marriage, parenting, work, health, friendship, and single life.

Vixen Daily
Site specializing in love, diet, fitness, and beauty advices for women.

Women Today
Info for women about relationships, health, fitness, fashion, money, careers, and more.

Women's Online Magazine
Magazine for today's business women. Features business life cycle stages, career advice, dating and relationship, more.