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Intellicast - to get forecast enter zip or city/state combination, or enter city/country combination.

National Weather Service - select appropriate city for forecasts and past weather information.

WxUSA - weather links for 1500 US cities includes links to forecasts, radar, current weather, weather cams, kid's weather, local information, weather radio, maps, newspapers, sports and traveling.

Weather for You - forecasts, conditions, radar, warnings, satellite.

Weather Underground - find the weather for any city, state or ZIP Code, or country.

Weather2 - specialising in ski and marine weather, as well as stadium forecasts for various sports e.g. football, cricket, rugby, F1 and horse racing.

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  • Surfing the InterNet for Earthquake Data
  • IRIS Seismic Monitor - Interactive display of global seismicity that allows you to monitor earthquakes in near real-time, view records of ground motion, and visit seismic stations around the world.
  • NISEE - Earthquake engineering information resources, including an online bibliographic database, slides and photographs, selected papers, related websites, software and data.