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Magazine dedicated to reporting UFO, alien abductions, and other supernatural or paranormal events.

Flying Saucer Review
International magazine dealing with UFOs and all aspects of alien encounter.

Jeff Rense
Website and radio show on UFO sightings, conspiracy theories, paranormal phenomena, and more.

Project 1947
Extensive collection of UFO reports yielded via the FOIA, newspaper articles and contemporary accounts.

UFO Digest
Provides video and photographic proof of UFOs and the paranormal, plus exclusive interviews concerning the phemonemon. Weekly features include: eyewitness reports, breaking news and in depth articles.

UFO Magazine
Magazine reports facts about UFO sightings, abductions, current research, new technologies, and conspiracy.

Covers wide range of UFO topics and information. Constantly updated, it is official home of UFO Roundup, Encounters With Aliens On This Day, AUFORN Reports and UFO + PSI Magazine.

UFO's Today
Blog about UFO's, the paranormal, unexplained events, aliens, unexplained mysteries, bigfoot, sasquatch, and psychic phenomenon.

UFO News

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