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General Sports Magazines:

Athletic Business
Magazine providing the latest information on building and operating an athletic facility, liability issues, athletic programs and special features vital to the athletic, fitness and recreation industry.

Athlon Sports
Season previews, predictions, and pre-game analysis for professional and college football, basketball, baseball, racing, and golf.

Camelot Sports Media
Sport magazine focusing on baseball, basketball and american football.

Compete Network
News site with a mission of uniting the gay and straight worlds through sports.

Premier sports magazine featuring player profiles, investigative journalism and regular features on professional and college sports, and humorous columns.

Inside Sport
Features Australian sports news and models.

Magazine for outdoor sports enthusists.

Middle Aged Ski Bum
Focused on skiing, hiking & cycling. Collection of news, reviews, interviews, expert advice & encouragement to get off the couch and live life.

Muscle Sport Magazine
Covering male and female bodybuilding, sports and overall fitness.

RTR Sport
News and information about sport, marketing and communication.

SEEN Sport Magazine
Magazine provides the independent sport photography and original features about athletes. Focusing on football, boxing, rugby, F1 and athletics.

Sports Media 101
Provides 24/7 coverage on major sport news in the U.S.

Sports Mirchi
Focuses on sport news from India and regional countries.

Sporting Alert
Non-profit organization focusing mainly on college and American pro sports reporting and results.

Sporting News
Popular weekly magazine featuring general sports news and articles. Known for comprehensive coverage of baseball.

Sports Illustrated
The largest weekly American sports magazine. Features news articles inclusive of all sports - college and professional, men's and women's, as well as quality photos.

Betting site providing a wide range of betting related sport news, odds and articles.

UAE Sport Guide
Dedicated to all sport news from United Arab Emirates, with news updates, stories and event reports on many different types of sporting activities that the UAE currently holds, across all of the 7 Emirates.