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Absinthe Buyers Guide
Find information about authentic absinthe and accessories, including absinthe spoons, glasses, and fontaines. Features historical facts, absinthe FAQ, articles, and how to drink absinthe.

Art of Drink
Exploration of spirits, cocktails, wine, beer and drinks from the perspective of a chemist turned bartender.

Magazine for, by, and about bartenders and on-premise. Includes cocktail recipes, monthly news, classifieds and a forum.

Lifestyle magazine with a beverage (wine, beer, and spirits) focus.

Cocktail Times
Everything you need to know about cocktails and distilled spirits, from the classic concoctions to the new inventions. Features original recipes, bartending tips, glassware descriptions, party-planning tips, and cooking with spirits.

Complete source for cocktails, cocktail ingredients, and barware knowledge.

Features gin's history and production, cocktail bar reviews, gin brands, tastings, recipes, more.

Got Mead
Resources for the mead enthusiast. Find recipes, mead reviews, suppliers, mead makers, commercial meaderies, making instruction, tips, and more.

La Fee Verte
Includes absinthe buyer's guide, forum, recipes, history, articles, art, poetry & absinthiana collectibles.

Lyke 2 Drink
Blog about beer, wine and spirits, travels to breweries, distilleries and wineries, festivals and events, alcohol issues, and beverage marketing.

Malt Advocate
Magazine covers all of the world's whiskies including scotch (single malt and blends), Irish whiskey, bourbon, American, Japanese and Canadian whisky. Whisky columns, product reviews, and up-to-date whisky news.

Malt Madness
All about single malt scotch whisky by Johannes van den Heuvel. Find tips on distilling and reviews of malt whisky from around the world.

Ministry of Rum
Contains rum lovers' forum, database of sugar cane spirits by country, rum tasting competition, glossary, articles, rum FAQ.

Mutineer Magazine
Magazine bringing film, music, fashion, books and popular culture into the context of beverage and alcohol.

On The Sauce Again
Blog about strong alcohol from around the world.

Sake World
Site devoted to Japanese Sake (Nihonshu). Covers all aspects of sake, sake enjoyment, sake culture, history, and brewing technology.

Magazine for restaurant professionals, providing of food, beverage and business management information.

Scotch Blog
Online news and commentary site focused solely on the Scotch whisky industry.

Spirit Journal
Reviews, tasting notes and stories on whiskey, brandy, tequila, vodka, gin, beer, cocktails, and fortified wines.

Straight Bourbon
Read about the Bourbon makers, history and brands. There are sample tastings, reviews and ratings, Bourbon FAQ, drinks, and recipes.

Comprehensive buying guide to wine, beer, & spirits from the Beverage Testing Institute. Thousands of reviews & ratings, and complete directory.

Whisky Magazine
Features whisky news, articles, directory of producers, whisky glossary, tasting notes, and whisky forum.

Wine Enthusiast
Magazine includes spirits buying guide with ratings and reviews.

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