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News reports on South Sudan from African and international sources.

BBC News - South Sudan
Presents country overview, key facts and events, timelines and leader profiles along with current news.

Governmet of the Republic of South Sudan
Governmental news daily.

Gurtong Trust
South Sudanese independent, not-for-profit project focusing on ethnic, political and personal issues.

IRIN News - South Sudan
Regular news on relief, social, economic and political affairs in South Sudan by UN Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN).

New Nation
Providing local social, educational, health, business and agricultural news and reviews.

New Sudan Vision
Daily online newspaper from South Sudan. Based in North America.

Radio Miraya
Radio station providing news, current affairs, needs-based programming, interactivity, music and sports. Promoting pluralism, diversity and education in South Sudan.

South Sudan Nation
Independent news website for South Sudan secession & national independence since 2003.

South Sudan News Agency
Independent news source.

South Sudan Today
Daily national and worldwide social, business, sport and health news. Based in the south Sudan capital Juba.

Sudan Tribune
Paris-based independent online newspaper covering Sudan and South Sudan press, as well as world press of interest to Sudanese. Its goals are to promote plural information, democratic and free debate on Sudan and South Sudan.

Sudan Watch
UK based blog providing information about Sudan and South Sudan.