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South American News Sites

Business News Americas
Bilingual news service covering original stories in different business sectors throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Center for International Policy
Provides alternative coverage of South America and the CIA.

Council on Hemispheric Affairs
US-based independent organization monitoring political, economic and diplomatic issues affecting the Western Hemisphere.

News, information and forum for people looking to move to South America.

Hispanic Magazine
Focuses on culture, entertainment, business, career and politics, with informative stories on people and issues of interest to Hispanic Americans.

Latin America in Movement
News and comments focusing mainly on socio-political dynamics within Latin America, from the perspective of social and civic movements.

Latinamerica Press
Journal of information and analysis about events in Latin America and the Caribbean, focusing on the human rights of excluded and marginalized sectors of the population within the region.

Latin American Football
News, results, league tables and statistics from all the professional leagues in South America.

Latin Business Chronicle
Miami-based weekly online journal on South American business and technology.
Foremost source of intelligence on political and economic developments in Latin America and the Caribbean. Available by subscription.

Independent news agency operating from Montevideo, Uruguay, and concentrating on Mercosur countries.

Narco News Bulletin
Reports from Latin America on the drug wars and democracy issues.

Latin America's news from Colombia.

ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America
Focuses on different themes related to Latin America, Latinos, and the Iberian peninsula.