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American Hit Network
Reviews and commentary about popular music released from 1955 - present, with an emphasis on American "Hit Radio" releases determined by the Billboard charts.

Backstreets Highway
Magazine for Bruce Springsteen and Jersey Shore music fans.

Big Takeover
One of the oldest independently produced music magazines of underground punk, pop, and rock music.

Black Velvet
UK magazine featuring a wide array of rock music.

Metal, hardcore and extreme rock magazine with interviews, reviews, news and more.
Jam fans resource focused on improvisational rock and jazz-crossover bands.

Online version of authoritative UK pop and rock magazine.

Music Emissions
Music review community with focus on independent labels and artists that fit into the alternative music category.

New Musical Express (NME)
Presents music news around the clock, reviews from around the world, interviews, and a concert guide.

Modern Rock Magazine
Rock music scene articles, news and reviews provided by industry professionals.

Q Magazine
Premier UK music magazine.

Rock Around the World
Radio and newspaper archive of the nationally syndicated hit radio show from the 1970s featuring interviews and music with the rock greats of that time.

Rock Over America
Aiming to cover the most current music out there, as well as older rock music. Concert and album reviews, news, videos and audio interviews.

RockRevolt Magazine
Featuring exclusive interviews, live show and album reviews, live photographs, etc.

Rolling Stone
Site of popular rock and pop culture magazine with daily news, feature articles, and artist information.