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Covers world rap with a urban flava, latin rap, gangsta rap, more.

Gutta World
Voice of independent rap.

Hip Hop Rockz Magazine
Features news, fashion, clubs, movies, celebrity spotlight and more.

Irie Magazine
Reggae magazine for artists bios, interviews, news, articles, comics, photos, videos and historic events centered around reggae music.

Murder Dog
Rap magazine with news, interviews, photos, and more.

Rap Pages Magazine
Information about Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Sports, Fashion, News, and Rock Music, combined with daily updates.

Raw Roots
Online hip hop and rap magazine featuring rap music from around the world.

Brings information about the world of hip-hop and rap. Features hip-hop community, a hip-hop MC Battle Booth and rap music multimedia audio and video streams.

Source, The
Magazine of hip hop music, culture, and politics.

Hip-hop magazine with news, celebrity gossip, videos, cartoons, photos, interviews, more.

Alternative music magazine covering all aspects of hip-hop and DJ culture.

Premier urban music magazine. Along with coverage of art, style and social issues, focuses on the hip-hop music scene and its musicians.

Urban lifestyle magazine covering all aspects of hip-hop culture. Features music, style, sports, and politics.