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American Psychologist
Selected articles on current issues in psychology from official journal of American Psychological Association (APA).

APA Monitor on Psychology
Monthly journal featuring news and research articles.

Europe's Journal of Psychology
Quarterly publication of scientific psychology featuring original studies, research, critical contributions, interviews and book reviews written by and intended for both psychologists and psychology students worldwide.

HeartMath Report
Online magazine devoted to articles on stress, health, performance, relationships, and positive psychology.

Human Nature Review
Forum for discussion and critiques of the terms of reference and assumptions of various approaches to the understanding of people as individuals, in groups, in institutions, in societies and as political and ideological beings.

Online quarterly magazine for social psychology. Explores every day concerns such as love, motivation, or religion.

Journal of Environmental Psychology
Access free sample issue of journal publishing empirical studies, reviews of research, and book reviews on the transactions and interrelationships between people and their sociophysical surroundings.

Lumenz Networks
Practical expert answers in HD video to common questions about personal and professional well-being.

National Psychologist
Bi-monthly magazine for behavioral healthcare practitioners.

Personnel Psychology
Publishes applied psychological research on personnel problems facing public and private sector organizations.

Psychology Today
Popular psychology magazine featuring the latest mental health news and archives, as well as articles on dealing with anxiety, parenting, personality, and relationships.

Searchable guide to psychology and social science journals and magazines.

Canada's Psychology Magazine for psychologists and those outside of psychology.

Scientific American Mind
Quarterly magazine focusing on the workings of the mind and brain. Topics covered include autism, depression, schizophrenia, neuroscience, perception, brain development, intelligence, psychology and more.

Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice (SRMHP)
Peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to distinguishing scientifically-supported claims from scientifically-unsupported claims in clinical psychology, psychiatry, social work, and allied disciplines.

Theory & Psychology
Journal examines such issues as the conceptual frameworks and foundations of psychology, its historical underpinnings, its relation to other human sciences, its methodological commitments, its ideological assumptions and its political and institutional contexts. Past issues available for free.

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