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All Destiny
Articles, news and forums on subjects ranging from alternative health, spirituality, the paranormal and supernatural.

Daily review of world news on maverick science, unexplained mysteries, strange talents, unexpected discoveries, more.

Atlantis Rising
Covers ancient mysteries, future science, and unexplained anomalies.

Beyond Investigation Magazine
Quarterly chronicle on ghost hunting and other paranormal investigations.

Bite Me Magazine
UK only glossy magazine for horror fans, discerning vampirologists and wannabe ghostbusters everywhere.

Magazine dedicated to reporting UFO, alien abductions, and other supernatural or paranormal events.

Fortean Times
Popular monthly magazine of news, reviews and research on strange phenomena and experiences, curiosities, prodigies and portents.

Graham Hancock
Site featuring alternative history, science, archaeology, ancient egypt, paranormal & supernatural, environment, etc.

Covering the paranormal, ghost hunting, ghost hunting equipment, mediums and psychics, UFO's and all other unexplainable phenomena. Based in the West Midlands, but covers news from all over the UK.

Paranormal News
Source for UFO and paranormal related information.

UK's only regular magazine to take a skeptical look at pseudoscience and claims of the paranormal.

Strange Magazine
Look at strange phenomena: Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, paranormal investigations, cryptozoology, monsters and mystery animals.

Strange Nation
Dedicated to strange phenomena in Australia.

Paranormal News

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