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Genealogy Bank
Offer free search and over 1 billion U.S. historical newspapers and vital records dating back to the 1600s.

GenPage Finder
Here you can search through four billion names. Find census records, birth records, death, marriage and more.

Searches obituaries from more than 400 U.S., Canadian & U.K. newspapers and the U.S. Social Security Death Index. Newspaper obituary information is updated daily. Free access to recently published obituaries.

Obituaries Help
Resource for those who are simply browsing through obituaries, building a family tree, or have the unfortunate task of writing an obituary.

Obituaries Today
Search or add an obituary. Online source for funeral home information and related resources.

Obituary Collection
Compilation of obituaries published in US newspapers, collected from various online sources. Most of obituaries includes information such as names, dates, places of birth and death, marriage information, and family relationships.

Origins Network
Source for online British and Irish genealogy research, featuring subscription access to a wealth of unique record, as well as free access to NameXtm powered basic Origin Search, a specialized online genealogy search tool.

Internet's oldest and largest free genealogical community.
Includes Obituary Daily Times - daily index of published newspaper obituaries across the world. It is distributed freely, often twice a day by email, and usually has over 2500 entries a day. You can search the database anytime with the search engine.

Other Obituary Resources

Blog of Death
Find obituaries of interesting people.

Free Obituary Searches
Resources for free online obituary searches. Includes links to newspaper obituaries as well as obituary search engines maintained by Libraries, Universities and other sources.

Genealogy Magazines

Obituaries Help
Website designed to offer resources for obituaries, funerals and geneology search.

Obituary Links Page
US state-by-state directory of obituaries and resources. Also includes Canadian and other international obituary listings along with links to sites for genealogy research.

Time For Memory
Maintains an archive of obituaries that serve as a resource for people to learn of the loss of friends and loved ones.