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American Conservative
Journal of traditional conservatism from Pat Buchanan.

Magazine published by neo-conservatives' think tank American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

American Prospect
Biweekly liberal magazine of politics, policy and culture.

American Spectator
Right wing magazine of investigative reporting and commentary.

Atlantic Monthly
General editorial magazine focusing on contemporary social and cultural issues.

Big News Network
Online news service, constantly updating around 400 categories of news on an hourly basis.

Boston Review
Political and literary magazine featuring the best in cultural debate, fiction, poetry, and reviews.

Cerebral magazine of traditional conservatism.

Neo-conservative magazine taking a special interest in Jewish affairs.

Daily updated leftist site muckraking US domestic and international politics.

Culture and politics magazine of the left.

Provides in-depth coverage of political and economic events throughout the world.

Foreign Affairs
Most influential journal in geostrategy and defence policy areas. Published by New York based think tank - the Council on Foreign Relations.

Foreign Policy
Downmarket of the Foreign Affairs, from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

FrontPage Magazine
Online conservative magazine, edited by David Horowitz.

Daily updated magazine on global economy, politics and culture.

Harper's Magazine
Left leaning monthly covering social, political, and cultural issues.

Harvard International Review
Prestigious international affairs magazine.

Harvard Political Review
Undergraduate journal of politics and public policy.

Human Events
Weekly conservative magazine known for anti-liberal and anti-islamic stances.

In These Times
News and investigative reporting from the progressive left.

Le Monde Diplomatique
Left-wing reputable French monthly.

Libertarian review of culture and politics.

Monthly Review
Long-standing socialist magazine.

Mother Jones
Left wing magazine of investigative journalism.

Nation, The
News analysis from the left.

National Interest
Provides analysis of American foreign policy and world events in a wider context of history, culture, economics, and religion.

National Review
Witty conservative magazine on politics and culture.

New American
Conservative publication "that defends Constitutional principles and traditional values".

New Internationalist
Reports on issues of world poverty and inequality. Typical themes include sustainability, human rights and globalization.

New Left Review
London based journal covering politics, economics, and culture of a contemporary non-conformism.
Conservative magazine and news site.

Features articles from the current weekly issue as well as breaking news stories.

Policy Review
Influential conservative journal from the Hoover Institution.

Monthly alternative news magazine.

Quality libertarian magazine covering politics, culture, economics, and social issues.

Red Pepper
UK magazine of the green and radical left.

Roll Call
Source for Congressional news and information.

Investigative online news magazine, slightly to the left.

Well written conservative British magazine.

London based magazine publishing a range of dissident views.

Provides daily updated news articles.

Toward Freedom
Publishes international news and analysis and promotes human rights issues.

U.S. News & World Report
National and international weekly news with an analytical focus.

Utne Reader
Reprints articles from over 2,000 alternative media sources.

Weekly Standard
Rupert Murdoch's influential magazine of the neo-conservatives.

World Magazine
Analysis of current events and society from a conservative Christian viewpoint.

World Politics Review
Offers geostrategic analysis in a variety of formats and provides research and background information tools.

World Tribune
Daily online newspaper specializing in international affairs. Offers exclusive stories and links to the top news of the day.