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BBC Country Profile: Burma
Features country overview, news, key facts and events, timelines, and leader profiles.

Burma Daily
News and analysis on current events, Myanmar business, finance, economy, sports and more from WN network.

Burma News International (BNI)
Network of ten independent media organisations from Burma catering daily news from different parts of the country.

Burma Project
Established by the Soros foundation and supporting many information projects. Provides Burma news analysis and important background information.

Democratic Voice of Burma
Norway-based multimedia organization promoting press freedom, democracy and human rights. Provides news, information and analysis about Burma.

Quality independent news magazine established by Burmese citizens living in exile. Contains news and analysis of the current political affairs in Myanmar.

Kaowao News Group
Publishes news, views, and articles pertaining to social justice, peace, and democracy in Burma.

News and feature service organized by Burmese media persons in exile.

Myanmar Business Today
Bilingual (English-Myanmar) business newspaper published weekly and distributed in both Myanmar and Thailand.

Myanmar News
Site covers news of the Myanmar area, including stories from around the region and the state.

Myanmar Times
Government-affiliated weekly newspaper.

Daily news service in English and Burmese concentrating on current events and human rights in Arakan State.

New Light of Myanmar
Daily newspaper, propaganda machine for the government.

Online Burma Library
Classified and annotated links to more than 15,000 full text documents on Burma / Myanmar.

Shan Herald Agency for News (S.H.A.N.)
Covers news related to Shan State and Burma.


Kachin News:

Kachin Land News
Committed to report accurate news and events taking place in the Kachinland, Myanmar and abroad. Reporters comprise of Kachin dissidents, writers and journalists living in the Kachinland, Myanmar and abroad.

Kachin News
Daily news from Kachin and Myanmar. Mainly focusing on political, economical and social news. Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.