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Online mens magazine offering advice on dating, celebrity biography, relationships and health.

Free online magazine spotlights travel, nightlife, interesting people, reviews, funny stuff and more.

Gentlemen's magazine dedicated to living life with the style, decorum and panache.

Debonair Magazine
Bring you the latest style and grooming tips, travel guides and discounts, affordable fine dining, more. Specializes in budget living and lifestyle improvement.

Men's lifestyle magazine. Features fashion trends, cars, cuisine, style, personality profiles, and articles about the arts, politics and the media.

International mens magazine contains quality photos of underdressed babes, profiles of stars, movie, music, gadget and book reviews, men's fashion shoots, sex tales, more. Publishes an annual list of the "100 Sexiest Women In The World".

Giant Mag
Men's entertainment magazine with reviews of video games, movies, music, and everyday happenings.

Find the latest in men's fashion, men's clothing, news, gear, entertainment, travel and trends, gadget buying guides, grooming advice and style forums.

Online version of popular mens magazine. Covers hot girls, sex, sports, quality gear and entertainment.

Men's Health
Provides information and tips on mens fitness, health, sex, career, relationships, nutrition, recipes, weight loss and muscle building.

Men's Journal
General interest, active lifestyle magazine with a focus on adventure, travel, equipment, sport, fitness, style, and ideas.

Mens Perception
Providing news and information on a range of manly subjects: enterntainment, business, fitness, sex, tech, style, etc.

Modern Man Jack
One stop for entertainment, sports, gear, lifestyle, booze, grub and adventure news, reviews and articles. Based in Detroit, U.S.

Bringing artist interviews, album, video game and live concert reviews, photography and information on the leading exotic cars from around the world as well as photos of beautiful women.

Online men's magazine offering advice and information useful to men on a variety of topics including sex, dating, money, lifestyle, health, sports, cars, gambling and politics.

Men's magazine with girls, gear, humor, style, interviews and reviews of film, music, and games.