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Features celebrity interviews, news and resources related to assistive technology, the ADA, personal empowerment and employment for individuals of all ages with a mental or physical disability.

Providing with the information on the latest advances in anti-aging research, the hottest anti-aging trends and beauty tips.
Provides information on health and wellness, along with daily health news, full-text magazine articles, personalized newsletters, shopping, and more.

Magazine brings the latest news on women's and men's health, beauty, weight loss, healthy recipes, environment reports and wellness information.

Apollo Life
Published by the Apollo Hospitals, Asia's leading private healthcare chain and the third largest in the world. Magazine addresses mental, emotional, dietary, fitness-related, physical environmental issues.

B Positive
Health and lifestyle magazine featuring content on well being, disease management, fitness, beauty, diet & nutrition, more.

Bel Marra Health
Focusing on the subject of health suplements.

Best of Health
Health experts bringing the informed facts so that the readers can make the best choices on health products and services.

Cali Diet
Articles about workout advice and healthy diet plans that get results along with inspiring stories and health tips.

Canadian Health & Lifestyle
National digest focusing on health, fitness, nutrition and self improvement for busy Canadians.

Coach Calorie
Providing factual, evidence-based fitness advices to individuals that share a passion for living a healthy lifestyle.

Practical information to enhance life while managing diabetes on a daily basis.

Diabetes Digest
Diabetes magazines distributed in America's top pharmacies. Providing diabetes related news, interviews and articles.
U.S. federal government website for information on disability programs and services nationwide.

Doctors Health Press
Monthly health newsletters for a wide array of alternative and natural health topics.

Elder Care Online
Covers topics such as eldercare, healthy aging, caring for the caregiver, and Alzheimer's Disease.

Fact Based Health
Publishing original clinical research, analyses and reviews, news, medical updates and thought-provoking articles about mental health and chronic disease from accredited doctors and other qualified health professionals.

Information on food for getting healthier, fighting dreaded diseases, slowing the signs of aging, and basically living a happier and healthier life.

American health and wellness magazine for women. Covers well-being, fitness, nutrition, and beauty.

Healthcare Dive
Industry dashboard for hospital admins and healthcare professionals.

Healthy Childcare
Magazine edited by the American School Health Association. Includes information on health, safety, medicines, health education activities, illnesses, etc.

Healthy Eating and Nutrition
Site focuses on healthy eating, providing diet methods and various nutrition tips.

Healthy Moms
Health and parenting news for moms in the United States. Based in Chicago.

Lean on Life
Ontario based daily health publisher, covering wide variety of health topics including lean living, healthy eating, fitness, recipes, etc.

Newsletter created to help people with cardiac devices live full, active lives. Provides cardiac news, health tips, and more.

Living Nutrition
Magazine featuring raw food recipes, nutrition education, healing testimonials, food safety news, and more.

Coverage of timely and exhaustive health news, bank of informative feature articles, up-to-date medical reference databases. Based in India.

Medical News Today
The largest independent health and medical news website on the Internet. Provides more than 50 articles every day.

Men's Health
Provides information and tips on men's fitness, health, sex, career, relationships, nutrition, and weight loss.

MobileLife Today
Health, wellness, and fitness magazine and podcast.

Natural News
Offers daily independent natural health and wellness news. Includes non-corporate coverage of drug companies, modern medicine, the USFDA and more.

Popular health magazine featuring expert information about recent health news, diseases and conditions, weight-loss, fitness, exercise, recipes and natural healing.

Health news and information from the publisher of Remedy, Healthy Living, and Diabetes Focus magazines.

Fitness magazine for the active woman. Gives instantly useful techniques to make exercise more varied and fun, trim fat and add fiber to menus, and more.

Smart Publications
Independent publisher providing health and nutritional supplement information from experts and authorities in alternative medicine.

Teaching Technology
Free publication on new technology for medical practitioners.

Today's Caregiver
Provides information for those caring for the elderly, heart attack survivors, diabetes care, people with disabilities, and Alzheimer's sufferers.

Total Health Magazine
Advocates self-managed natural health, emphasizes the importance of becoming the co-captain of your own health and addresses the imperatives to wellness.

Vista Magazine
Canadian magazine featuring articles on natural health and combatting diseases and sickness using natural methods.

Women's Health
Tips and advice for women, with focus on health, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, sex and relationships, emotional well-being, beauty and style.

World of Diets
Offers a variety of health, fitness, and diet articles for men and women. Updated on a regular basis.

Your Family's Health
Monthly magazine with family health articles dealing with breast cancer, prostate cancer, kids health and similar subjects.


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