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Addis Fortune
Quality business newspaper. Ethiopia
Daily news articles related to Etiopia from African sources.

BBC Country Profile: Etiopia
Features country overview, news, key facts and events, timelines, and leader profile.

Newspaper striving to promote free enterprise in Ethiopia, and inform the public at large about economic events.

Ethiopian Commentator
Opinion-based online magazine.

Ethiopian News
Daily news site about Ethiopia and related stories. News are submitted by registered users, editors and local news sources through out Ethiopia

Ethiopian News Agency (ENA)
State news service.

Ethiopian Observer
Provides news and commentaries regarding current issues on Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Reporter
Daily newspaper based in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopian Review
News site publishing wide range of dissident views.

Ethiopian fashion and entertainment magazine.
US-based news portal with headlines from various sources.

New Business Ethiopia
Daily news. Site aims to show a better balanced and multifaceted image of the Ethiopia.

Lifestyle and business publication devoted exclusively to the Ethiopian-American community.

Walta Information Centre
Government afiliated site providing daily news in Amharic & English from all regions.

Iraq Newspapers

Ogaden News Agency
News agency representing social, political situation and human rights issues in Ogaden region.

Ogaden Online
Dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of Ogaden and the Horn of Africa.

Ogaden Today
Published by Ogaden Press Agency (OPA). Providing news headlines from Ogaden, Ethiopia, Somalia and region of Horn of Africa.