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Alternatives Journal
Canada's foremost environmental magazine.

Offers views on environmental problems and proposes solutions regarding ecology, conservation, wildlife, and more.

Conscious Choice
"Enlightened" urban lifestyle magazine focusing on social, green, health, food and spiritual consciousness.

Copybook - Environmental News
Headline news on environmental and green issues affecting our world today.

Dedijer Media
Environmental reportages and photos from around the world by journalist and filmmaker Miki Dedijer.

Down To Earth
India's only science and environment magazine reporting about environmental threats facing India and the world.

E/The Environmental Magazine
Popular magazine includes news and features on a wide range of environmental topics.

Earth First!
Published by the environmental movement "Earth First!" based in Florida.

Magazine of spiritual ecology. Published by an organization with strong links to the Quaker community in the San Francisco Bay area.

World's longest running environmental magazine covering subjects from science and technology to the impacts of globalisation on jobs, health and the environment.

Offers a wide spectrum of environmental information based on the ancient concept of the four basic elements.

Environmental Protection
Trade publication with focused articles on EPA compliance of air pollution control, water protection, waste treatment, and industrial hygiene.

Geography and You
Semi-scientific research based magazine from New Delhi. Editorial coverage encompasses people, places, environment, science and technology, with an emphasis on human involvement in a climate change scenario.

Find earth, energy and environment news, as welll as articles, interviews and profiles, reviews of books and software. Published by the American Geological Institute.

Green Futures
UK magazine on environmental solutions and sustainable futures.

Green Left Weekly
Radical Australian newspaper committed to human and civil rights, global peace and environmental sustainability.

Green Solution Magazine
Information about environmental solutions and services, expert recommendations, products, tools and other solution-based news and resources.

Magaziine dedicated to telling the stories of ecological pioneers, products and systems that are driving an important change in corporate America.

Humorous environmental magazine. Features news, advice, cartoons, and a blog.

Inspired Times
Magazine focusing on environmental issues around the globe from peak oil to transition towns, COP15 to Age of Stupid, and more.

Inspired to be Green
Bi-monthly magazine contains articles about green construction, renewable energy and other services & products related to Green Buildings.

Published three times a year by the Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota, U.S. Magazine explores issues of regional importance and global impact.

Mother Earth News
Magazine about sustainable, self-reliant living. Topics include building, gardening, homesteading, do-it-yourself, kitchen, energy and health.

National Geographic
Flagship magazine of the National Geographic Society, chronicles exploration and adventure, as well as changes that impact life on Earth.

Natural Life
Provides practical information about topics like healthy cooking and organic gardening, sustainable homes, eco-travel and green business.

Orion Magazine
Forum for re-imagining humanity's relationship to nature, culture, and place, featuring America's foremost writers and artists.

Our World 2.0
Online magazine and documentary series from the United Nations University. Focuses on global affairs - beginning with climate, oil and food - at a time when we are witnessing a convergence of these issues.

People & the Planet
Provides a global review and internet gateway into the issues of population, poverty, health, consumption and the environment.

Environmental magazine dedicated to exploring and giving voice to the green revolution that will define the 21st Century.

Pollution Engineering
Provides information for engineers in pollution control for air, wastewater and remediation hazardous solid waste.

International forum of radical thought on environmental and social issues.

Sustain Europe
Semiannual journal and website promoting responsible business solutions to ensure long term climate protection.

World Watch
Features news and articles about energy, climate change, biodiversity, agriculture, population, social and political developments.

Magazine concerned with ideas for building a more just and sustainable future. Features book reviews, practical advice for living more sustainably, columns, and short "indicators."