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Middle East in general:

Al Arabiya
One of the top Middle East broadcaster and news site based in Dubai.

Al Jadid
Quality US based cultural magazine featuring original articles along with many translations of essays and interviews by Arab writers, journalists, scholars, and poets.

Al Jazeera
English language site of Qatar based pan-Arabian TV broadcaster.

Al Masdar News
Providing the latest news and analysis from the Arab world. Based in Beirut.

Al Bawaba
Middle East portal providing news reports on a variety of topics.

Provides reporting and analysis from and about the Middle East through both original and translated content. Based in Washington, but features reporting and analysis by journalists and experts from the Middle East.

AME Info
Middle East business news and stories.

Region's premier resource for business, financial and industry news. Also features review of Middle East newspapers.

Arabian Gazette
Online news portal based in Dubai, focusing on business news and featured articles.

Arabian Oil and Gas
Middle East's largest energy portal, which delivers latest news, data, analysis and opinion for the region's energy professionals.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information
Egypt based non-governmental organization devoted to promoting freedom of expression across the Middle East and North Africa.

Asharq Alawsat
Premier pan-Arab daily newspaper, printed simultaneously on four continents in 12 cities.

Business Intelligence Middle East
Business portal for the Middle East region.

Middle East's leading technology site, offering daily IT and business news.

Great Middle East
Information and analytical online portal, covering events and news occurring in the Middle East.

Kipp Report
Dubai-based online Middle East's business magazine updated throughout the day.

International online publishing company based in Paris,France, with offices in the US, Brazil, and the Czech Republic, specialized in publishing executive business reviews, stories, analysis from Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, UAE, Jordan, Morocco, Ivory Coast and Brazil.

Media Line, The
Offers written pieces as well as audio and video reports produced by The Media Line's staff of seasoned journalists speaking the languages of the region.

Delivering business information and news, intelligence and analysis on the Middle East economies and activities.

Site of Washington based pro-Israel Middle East Media Research Institute providing translations and analysis of Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew media reports.

Middle east and north Africa financial nerwork based in Jordan.

MENA Herald
Business news portal based in the UAE and covering the whole Middle East and North Africa region in both Arabic & English.

MER - Mid East Realities
Decent analysis of Middle East news.

Middle East Economic Digest (MEED)
Weekly magazine providing business news, analysis and comment on the North African and Middle East regions. Free registration is required.

Middle East Eye
Aiming to bring together influential writers, analysts and thought leaders, to create a balanced, accurate picture of the social, financial and political undercurrents shaping the Middle East's future.

Middle East Forum
Neo-conservatives' think tank dedicated to promotion of US interests in the Middle East. Publishes Middle East Quarterly dealing with strategic and internal political developments in the region.

Middle East Monitor
Independent media research institution based in London, aiming to foster accurate coverage of Middle Eastern issues in the Western media.

Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP)
Washington based publisher of the Middle East Report Magazine providing in-depth analysis of events and developments in the region.

Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA)
Published by Israel-based Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and includes several analytical publications and Research Guides - essays on the sources for researching a specific Middle East topic.

Middle East Times
Serves as a bridge for the Arab affairs in Australia and the international community. Published in Sydney and distributed in all states of Australia, New Zealand, as well as other countries around the world.

Middle East Transparent
Paris-based liberal site covering variety of topics with special focus on human rights.

Mideast: On Target
Deals mainly with the Arab-Israeli conflict (from Israeli perspective), as well as general Middle East topics and local Israeli topics.

Mosaic News
Daily compilation of television news reports from the Middle East including Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, the Palestinian Authority, Iraq and Iran.

Trade Arabia
Portal for business news and information covering the Middle East and Arabian Gulf countries.

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
Information concerning U.S. relations with Middle Eastern states from magazine with anti-Israeli slant.

Your Middle East
Independent digital newspaper that provides news, analysis, and in-depth reporting on a range of issues relating to the Middle East.

Comprehensive business and finance coverage of the Middle East and North Africa.