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Cigar Advisor
Quarterly magazine with bi-weekly content updates on cigar and related topics.

Cigar Aficionado
Premier cigar magazine featuring searchable databases of cigar ratings, tasting notes, cigar friendly restaurants and tobacconists around the world.

Cigar City
Magazine explores Tampa's early years as a city of diverse cultures and the cigar capital of the world.

Cigar Diary
Online database of cigar reviews and tasting notes.

Cigar Inspector
Detailed cigar reviews, ratings and descriptions.

Cigar Pass
Large online cigar communitie, with membership worldwide. Members could trade cigars as well as meet up with one another in their local home towns.

Cuban Cigars Reviews
Complete guide to Cuban cigars. Includes thousands of user submitted reviews, history, smoking guide, and top rated cigards.

The Facts
Are smokers really hurting every stranger in the vicinity? Site provides the facts about second hand smoke.

Contains calendar of events, info on choosing and storing cigars, profiles of cigar manufacturers, cigar reviews, cigar friendly establishments, more.

Pipes and Tobacco
Magazine dedicated to the celebration of pipe collecting, tobacco, and all things related to the hobby of pipe smoking.

Smoke Magazine
Lifestyle magazine for the cigar and pipe enthusiast. Features searchable cigar reviews database, cigar stories and a forum.

Magazine for tobacco retailing industry.

Stogie Guys
Provides daily cigar news, reviews, and commentary.

Tobacco Reporter
Cigarettes and tobacco magazine for global tobacco industry including leaf, filters, cigarette papers, machinery, cigars, supplies and legislation.