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Pan-Asian Newspapers and News Sites
Online platform for Asian bloggers and other writers focusing on Asian countries development.

Asia Media
Media news and views from the Asia Pacific.

Asia News Network
Network of national daily newspapers published in Asian cities, organized to optimize coverage of major news events in the region.

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
Organization news and economic reports on each of the 21 member-states of the free trade area.

Asia-Pacific Finance
Online resource for financial information, news and investment education. Focusing on Asia Pacific region.

Asia Source
Information on cultural, economic, and political issues of Asia. From The Asia Society - America's leading institution dedicated to fostering understanding of Asia.

Asia Times
Online newspaper offering the latest news and analysis regarding events and trends in Asia and links to local press.

Asia Today
Aggregates news from various sources and delivers news and multimedia content to journalists, trade professionals, investor services, and online news readers around the world.

Leading capital markets magazine in Asia, providing incisive capital markets analysis of the Asia region to investors, senior corporate and finance decision makers.

Asian Correspondent
Independent regional journalists report on Asia-Pacific business, politics, technology, environment, education, travel & life, new media and society issues.

Asian Tribune
Newspaper published by World Institute for Asian Studies.

Bloomberg Asia
Up-to-date Asian markets news.

Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst
Online magazine devoted to analysis of the current issues facing the Central Asia-Caucasus region. From Johns Hopkins University.

Central Asia in Focus
Daily coverage of all Central Asian countries by the staff of Radio Liberty.

Channel NewsAsia
TV news channel providing news and information on global developments with Asian perspectives. Based in Singapore.

Eurasia Daily Monitor
Surveys recent developments in Eurasia, placing the developments in a geo-strategic perspective and offering analysis that outlines their implications for the West. Published by the Jamestown Foundation.
Central Asia and Caucasus news from the Soros Foundations Network.

Institute for War and Peace Reporting
Independent media group providing quality reports on Central Asia and Middle East.

Scand Asia
Magazine focusing on residents and tourists from Scandinavian countries living in South East Asia and China.