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Art Magazines
Daily international art news and arts information about museums, galleries, and artists.

UK culture and arts magazine. Covers literature, visual arts, music, film and theatre.

International journal of literature, the arts, and opinion.

Art magazine based on Antwerp, Belgium.

Published eleven times a year, reports on the art, personalities, issues, trends and events shaping the international art world.

Art Newspaper
Publishes news affecting the visual arts and culture worldwide. Part of a network with correspondents in more than 30 countries.

Art Papers
Selected articles from magazine focusing on contemporary art as a socially engaged discourse.

Art Times
Literary journal and resource for the fine and performing arts.

Art on Ice
Quarterly magazine of art and culture in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Offers news and critiques of exhibitions in the visual arts, as well as critics' picks, interviews, archives, and events calendar.

Insider's guide to the art market with daily news, reviews & features, and the Price Database - archive of fine art auction results worldwide.

Artnow Online
Magazine featuring international galleries, artists, events, museums, art fairs and biennials.

Arts Desk, The
Updated daily with reviews, news & interviews. Covers grand opera, movie releases and classical music.

Arts & Opinion
Explores contemporary issues and publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and reviews of books, film, music, art, theater.

Arts Editor
Boston based monthly covering the visual, literary, and musical arts.

Arts Journal
Daily arts news from more than 200 newspapers, magazines and e-publications.

Arts Professional
Online source for arts professionals in the UK.

Bimonthly New England's art publication covering regional arts scene.

Ireland's leading publication for contemporary arts.

Artwall Zine
International monthly magazine providing news on contemporary art, music, poetry as well as analyses from independent critics.

Articles, reviews of exhibitions, monographs on artists both new and classic, critical articles on art in general.

Beauty Of Washing Lines
Mix of art, reviews, photos, flash fictions, music and poetry.

Contemporary arts platform, facilitating an on-going conversation between creative professionals, art enthusiasts, and journalists across the globe.

Find interviews between artists, writers, musicians, directors and actors.

Cascade A&E
Promoting cultural art life found in Central and Bend Oregon, US. Focused on visual arts, music, theatre, dance, fine dining, film, video, photography, fashion, festivals, events, literature and poetry.

International online magazine of art and art books.

New York City online publication offering an impeccably curated showcase of modern artists, designers, and film-makers.

European arts and culture magazine and travel guide, with news, reviews, interviews and travel event calendar.
Reviews and commentary on art, architecture, books, dance, movies, opera, television, and theater.

Design Faves
Providing news on global design and visual culture.

Design TAXI
News website that focuses on design, technology, advertising and culture. Reaching professionals monthly via its website and social media streams.

Doodlers Anonymous
Publishes works of non proffesionsal artists in sketching and doodle drawing.

Publishing info about art, personalities, issues, trends, music and other art stuff.

Exquisite Corpse
Art and culture journal featuring poetry, short stories, essays, gallery, and more.

Flash Art Online
Online edition of the print arts magazine with reviews, profiles, news and a forum.

European contemporary art and culture magazine. Includes essays, reviews, columns and Art Fair that features over 150 contemporary art galleries in the world.

Weekly magazine looking into the artistic endeavors of New York City & American artists as well as those from Poland & Europe.

Hayden's Magazine
Sharing inspiring art and interviews with artists and entrepreneurs. Published twice a year.

Her Circle Ezine
Online portal of women's creative arts and activism from around the globe.

Identity Theory
Online magazine of literature, music, film, social justice, and art.

Magazine as well as a search tool focused on museums, exhibitions and public art.

Short stories, articles about music, cinema, graphic novels, tv series and the web, interviews and some reviews. Published in Italy.

Online version of well known pop-art magazine.

Peruvian contemporary art magazine.

KT press
International feminist art journal.

London Calling
Providing infomation about the cultural events and venues to be visited in London.

Maine Art Scene
Online Art Magazine covering Maine (US) arts & culture scene.

naked punch review
Engaged review of contemporary art and thought. Collaboration of thinkers and artists residing in different cities of the world.

New Yorker
Premier magazine featuring in-depth reporting on politics and culture, fiction and poetry, book and film reviews, humor and cartoons, more.

Free online magazine with politics & opinion, travel writing, fiction & poetry, reviews & interviews, more.

On View
On-line fine art publication, explores the diverse activities surrounding art museums and related organizations across the state of Florida.

Other Voices
Journal of cultural criticism, publishing essays, interviews, translations and reviews in the arts and humanities.

Part Press
Aiming to represent Iranian art news for a worldwide audience in English.

International magazine of cultural criticism covering music, television, films, books, video games, computer software, theatre, the visual arts, and the Internet.

Bimonthly magazine published in collaboration with artists, writers, photographers, poets, travelers & others.

Review of arts, literature, philosophy and the humanities.

Scene 360
Online film and arts magazine, which profiles and interviews artists, web designers, filmmakers, and poets with a focus on their career and analysis of the driving forces behind their work.

Triangle Arts and Entertainment
Supports the visual and performing arts of central North Carolina with news and reviews of music, dance, movies, and theatre.

Universal Colours
Quarterly magazine published by European Union Migrant Artists Network focusing upon the work and experiences of professional migrant artists.

Visual Artbeat Magazine, The
Contemporary Art Magazine oriented to European and Middle Eastern Art Collectors.

Works & Days
Online quarterly publication that involves ideas about they photography, writing, painting, poetry, film, culinary recipes, illustration, music, dance and other creative medium.